Sandy Gorge

The Sandy River offers incredible scenery and interesting rapids close to Portland. Starting in the snowfields on the west side of Mt. Hood, the Sandy River plunges through steep walled gorges and broad canyons in its short journey to the Columbia River. Because the Sandy River is inaccessible by car for most of its length, our raft trips offer the best way to explore this wild and scenic river. Because of the risk of high water, we wait until the warmer weather and lower water of summer to explore the river with small boats.

Our Sandy River Gorge exploration starts with a short climb down into the gorge itself. Once we are organized in boats, we push off and start working our way through small rapids into the heart of the gorge. There will be lots of rock dodging as we alternate between rapids and deep, calm pools. We’ll take a short break for snacks and a chance to stretch and soak in the scenery.

Paddlers wanting to join us in exploring the Sandy River Gorge should bring an adventurous spirit and a desire to see a truly unique and special place. There is always a chance we’ll have to portage several places in the gorge so paddlers should be comfortable moving around on and near rocks and water.