Molalla River

Molalla Picture
Trip Summary
Difficulty Intermediate
(Class 3-4)
Length space
Half Day
Full Day
8 miles
15 miles
Price space
Half Day
Full Day

The Molalla River is one of the classic intermediate rafting trips in Oregon. Tucked away in the mountains southwest of Portland, the Molalla contains lots of exciting rapids and fascinating scenery and geology. Blue Sky Rafting is proud to be the only company with a Bureau of Land Management permit allowing us to offer rafting trips on the Molalla River.

The Molalla River is a great river for a winter or early spring rafting trip. At low flows the river has many technical rapids but when the water rises, watch out! This run contains some big waves and holes at high water that can easily flip rafts. The scenery is spectacular throughout with dramatic volcanic geolgy and beautiful forests.

Full-day trips begin on the upper section of the river which contains Horse Creek Rapid; a turbulant rapid where the river squeezes through a gorge only 15 ft. wide. More fun rapids continue down to Turner Bridge and lunch. Below Turner Bridge lies the most popular rapids on the river. Beginning with Papa Bear, the rapids get longer and more powerful as the river carves it's way between beautiful basalt canyon walls. The next major rapid is Mama Bear which can be very difficult at high water. Several more fun rapids are found between Mama Bear and the take-out.

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