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  • Excellent safety record.
    First and foremost, we focus on keeping everyone safe. In addition to your guide, we have additional support staff monitoring each trip in order to provide the best possible safety in the unlikely event of an accident.
  • Great meals.
    Our meals are comprised of high-quality ingredients including a variety of drink choices. All our full-day trips include a steak and chicken bar-b-que lunch and are served alongside the river.
  • Owner-operated.
    The owner of Blue Sky Rafting participates in many of our river trips assuring that our trips maintain the highest quality possible.
  • Un-crowded rafts.
    We average 4-5 paddlers in each raft. We guarantee you won’t be crammed into a huge raft with 8 other people.
  • We “play” our way down the river.
    We encourage our guides to have fun on our trips. This may include stops to swim, “surf” the rafts, pop wheelies, or play group raft games.
  • Focus on river trips, not marketing.
    Our energy is focused on creating memorable river trips not slick advertising.


  • Outgoing, caring individuals.
    Our guides genuinely want your trip to be a memorable experience and will go the extra mile to make sure that happens.
  • Experts on the rivers we run.
    Our guides focus on a few, select rivers and know them inside and out.
  • Have the ability to tailor the river trip for different expectations and abilities.
    Our guides recognize that every group is different. We don’t offer “cookie cutter” trips but respect the needs of all individuals on our trips.
  • Certified in CPR and First Aid at a minimum.
    Many of our guides have advanced certification in First Aid and rescue techniques.

Everyone at Blue Sky invites you to join us and create your own special memories!



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